A gathering place for music, meditation, and mindfulness.

"The sound of the bell is the door to peace and serenity. It's the gateway to enlightenment."

- Steven Leonard Messina, Founder of Luna Loves Me Monastery

A Place of Purpose

Our quaint monastery cabin in Rocky Point, New York is the perfect place to sit in quiet contemplation. Let the ancient sounds of our Tibetan Bowls, Gongs, Bells, Indian Pow Wow Drum, and Native American Flutes awaken your inner spirit, release stress, and help illuminate the pathways to your highest self.

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Guitar and Indian Drum Circle

Awaken your inner, sacred musician. No experience necessary. All levels welcome.

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Even now, you are on the path.

Whenever a response or action is required, take a breath and silently ask yourself, "How does God want me to respond?" The answer lies in that space and emptiness that both joins and separates all things.You already know the answer. The truth needs no proof. See from the eye of the heart. The Highest Goodness. A prayer of stillness in the here and now. Sudden enlightenment awaits.This should be your one desire.